Signature Collection

Our Signature range is a contemporary range of chairs designed with clean rounded lines, each chair encompassing its own individual detail adding subtle character and flair. All chairs and stools are built to be durable, sturdy and most importantly comfortable, ideal for restaurants, bars, hotel and many other environments.


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  1. Telum Dining Chair (COM)
    Product Code: Telum Dining Chair COM
  2. Horn Dining Chair (COM)
    Product Code: Horn Dining Chair COM
  3. Ritz Dining Chair (COM)
    Product Code: Ritz Dining Chair COM
  4. Ritz Easy Chair (COM)
    Product Code: Ritz Easy Chair COM
  5. Ritz Armchair (COM)
    Product Code: Ritz Armchair COM
  6. Ritz Footrest (COM)
    Product Code: Ritz Footrest COM
  7. Ritz Low Stool (COM)
    Product Code: Ritz Low Stool COM
  8. Ritz Counter Stool (COM)
    Product Code: Ritz Counter Stool COM
  9. Ritz Bar Stool (COM)
    Product Code: Ritz Bar Stool COM
  10. MY Dining Chair (COM)
    Product Code: MY Dining Chair COM
  11. Simple Dining Chair (COM)
    Product Code: Simple Dining Chair COM
  12. Simple Armchair (COM)
    Product Code: Simple Armchair (COM)
  13. Simple Easy Chair (COM)
    Product Code: Simple Easy Chair COM
  14. Simple Counter Stool (COM)
    Product Code: Simple Counter Stool COM
  15. Simple Bar Stool (COM)
    Product Code: Simple Bar Stool COM
  16. Fine Dining Chair (COM)
    Product Code: Fine Dining Chair COM
  17. Fine Counter Stool (COM)
    Product Code: Fine Counter Stool COM
  18. Fine Bar Stool (COM)
    Product Code: Fine Bar Stool COM
  19. Lavi Dining Chair (COM)
    Product Code: Lavi Dining Chair COM
  20. Still Dining Chair (COM)
    Product Code: Still Dining Chair COM
  21. Still Armchair (COM)
    Product Code: Still Armchair (COM)
  22. Still Counter Stool (COM)
    Product Code: Still Counter Stool COM
  23. Still Bar Stool (COM)
    Product Code: Still Bar Stool COM
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23 Items

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